Texas Holdem Psychology: Betting Tells

In Texas Holdem, people usually take time studying and improving their hands from start to finish. This is good. However, we have to understand that the secret here is really Texas Holdem psychology. It's 80 percent of winning at Holdem poker.

Texas Holdem psychology is reading our opponent - we should give most of our energies to this. If we're playing, say, draw, stud, or any other poker variant, then we'd be better off focusing on odds and probabilities. But not with Holdem. Of course, we also stress the need to calculate the odds on our hand and the pot. But we do lots more Texas Holdem psychology - we also play our opponents.

With Texas Holdem psychology, we may be able to bluff and go all-in and take big pots with that - if we know how to play opponents. To "play opponents" is to get a clear read on their hand and "control" them with that. When we have accurately guessed the habits of the opponent we can manipulate his play a little and profit from this. And Holdem makes this easier by making us deal with only two cards.

We merely have to guess what two cards the opponent is holding. We don't have to know in detail what the two cards are; not at first - although this, too, is good. Initially, we just have to know if the opponent holds a strong or a weak hand and what the opponent intends to do with it. How? By knowing what the opponent is thinking---Texas Holdem psychology.

The first technique is through poker "tells." These are small gestures that players make unconsciously, giving them away through what the gestures insinuate to us. These are eye movements, change in voice pitch, leg movements, etc. But more than these we go deeper and use Texas Holdem psychology to the full: by sharply detecting "betting tells."

Betting tells are the best component of a Texas Holdem psychology. These are what give us clear hand-reads on our opponents - especially those we have met for the first time at the table - in casinos or online. Betting patterns and reactions of opponents can give away their play style and intentions. We get a read on them especially through how they react to a bet or with a bet.

Texas Holdem psychology capitalizes on poker and betting tells. The hand play is greatly improved with this when we see how strong or weak the opponent's hand really is.