Fun Betting Topics and Proposition Bets

Gambling on the outcome of events is one of the most popular forms of amusement around the world. Usually people wager on sports, but not everyone. You don't have to bet on sports if you're not fond of them. However there are certain characteristics a topic must have to attract bettors. Let's look first at these qualities so we can choose what to bet on:

First, the betting topic must be popular. If it's not popular, no one would be interested in betting with you or against you.

Second, the topic must be familiar to you. You must know it well or you won't be able to make intelligent bets.

Third, the topic must require skill and study. That is, if you want to profit from your bets and not just throw away money. If it's who's going to win a toss coin at the start of a ball game, no skill is involved. You want something that you can use your skills on as an edge over other bettors.

Fourth, topic info must be readily available. You must have access to accurate and up-to-date info, as this is the foundation of intelligent wagering.

Now what topics can we bet on? Short answer: Anything that doesn't have a 1,000% guaranteed outcome.

Here are some example betting topics:

- BETTING TOPIC 1: POLITICAL ELECTIONS. You and your friends can wager on who's going to be a party's official candidate and who their running mate will be. You can wager on who will be the next President, how many electoral votes they will win by, and so on. No matter what country you live in, there's bound to be politics you can bet on. Is there a scandal? You can wager if they're going to resign or not.

- BETTING TOPIC 2: SPORTS. Just about any kind of sport can be wagered on. The more you know the sport, the better. There are lots of factors to consider, and professional punters (bettors) have complex selection systems. If you're dedicated, and like to keep records, sports betting may be for you.

- BETTING TOPIC 3: ENTERTAINMENT. This has got to be one of the most fun-filled of them all. If you find yourself wasting a lot of time and money reading tabloids and watching entertainment news, make it useful by betting on what's going on. Think that pop star will flunk another drug test? Or does that Hollywood couple look like they're headed for a divorce? Wager over it with your friends!

- BETTING TOPIC 4: DOOMSDAY. Yeah, you heard that right. Why not bet on the end of the world? Global temperatures are on the rise, oil supply is running low, famines and diseases abound, and wars are exploding in every pocket of the world. You might be interested to know that the Mayans thought the world would end sometime in 2015-2030. Why not wager on whether a giant asteroid will hit the world then or not?

Of course, if you bet on the affirmative, it's not a good thing to hope you'll be right… and if you do, you may never know! :)